All lawmakers, they determined, should be denied paychecks until a budget is released by both houses. Rand Paul noted that he did not intend his remarks about a Hitler-like president to apply to the current president. The FASB has determined that banks will suffer a blow on all loans in their portfolio that, according to the bank`s models, will fail at any time in the future, even if the owner of the home or business has still paid on time. But the impressario only receives his subscription when he has provided half of the prescribed services. The deal he, Beard and Rob Hoffman had reached with Simmons had provided for a complex share buyback after five years. The bullet was fired at a distance of less than 20 meters, much closer to the prescribed minimum of 50 meters. Unfortunately, the shops on the island were not enough to pay for the quantity and type of food prescribed. “If he could see a Marian worm that he would like to have,” wrote the Seraphim. He was to leave in the month I had planned; and in the event of an accident, I would have the protection of his name. I`m rich now – rich enough to double the amount you asked for. However, some clients, such as European central banks, have stipulated that none of their information should be shared. To fix something is to demand that it be part of an agreement. So, when you sign a contract or agreement, you can specify that a certain condition must be met.

The treaty also states that law enforcement agencies must obtain a search warrant “in all cases where initial consent has not been obtained and there is a probable reason that a crime has been committed.” The ex compromisso sumptus arbitrator had no compulsory jurisdiction and, in order to give effect to his arbitral award, the reference agreement was confirmed by a provision and generally provided for a sanction (poena, petunia compromissa) in the event of disobedience. . Whenever you enter into a legal agreement, you can set a requirement that must be met for that agreement to be complete. This provision could set a kind of limit on the agreement. For example, if you run a closing business and offer a sale, you can specify that the closing must be ordered before a certain date to get the sale price. Your client, in turn, may stipulate that the work must be completed before the ground freezes. The terms of the contract do not allow you to do this. around 1624, in the sense defined in the intransitive sense 1 When I lend you my car, my only condition is that you fill the fuel tank before returning it. The lessee or farmer has the right to sublet or assign his lease if there is no prohibition clause (art.

The money transfer provision suited them. The amounts to be paid by individual countries should be set by the competent authorities; But this reasonable provision, which can now be considered null and void, has so far had no effect. Latin stipulatus, past participle of stipulari to demand a guarantee (from a potential debtor) The rules stipulate that all climbing hikes must be done on foot and that only round-trip flight activities count, which means you can`t sprint to your local ski slope and down the chairlift. Like many terms used in the legal profession, “stipulate” has its roots in Latin. It is derived from “stipulatus”, the earlier participle of “stipulari”, a verb that means “to require security (as from a potential debtor)”. “Stipulate” has been part of the English language since the 17th century. In Roman law, oral contracts were considered valid only if they followed an appropriate question-and-answer format; The term “agreement” was sometimes used specifically for this contract drafting process, although it could also be used more generally for any means of entering into a contract or agreement. The meaning of the word “specify as a condition or requirement” also dates back to the 17th century, and this is the meaning most commonly found in today`s usage. Joshua Stamper`s theme music 2006 New Jerusalem Music/ASCAP The treaty included the condition that the Persians ©no longer curse the first three caliphs, a kind of privilege that Shiites previously enjoyed as part of their religious beliefs.