Royal Coast Petroleum, LLC (RCP) was formed and founded in Dubai, UAE in May 2006 under the registration number 81036 and license number 581719.

The company acquired, through the course of the year 2014, two companies in the American continent named as follows:

PetroEnergy Group formed in 2007-licensed company with gas and oil derivate in the Dominican Republic. The company’s headquarters was established in the United States of America as an independent consulting entity in the year 2012. Currently, we have offices in three countries  (Dominican Republic, USA and the UAE). In the petroleum and/or oil/gas derivate, we have our own combined quota as RCP from some GCC countries, mostly from the KSA and UAE. We are licensed as a local company within the UAE and the KSA, and we are properly sponsored and endorsed by our Chairman, a prominent H.H. Shaikh, in each of the countries. Our company currently owns hydro energy projects in Spain, the Caribbean, Central and South American countries. Our company primarily focuses on oil/gas, energy, and mining. Our present status is a fully integrated upstream petroleum company. Oil and gas have come far, crossing many milestones; our company serves both government and private customers currently in the American continent.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to create a sustainable business channel which funnels in all resource requirements. We aim to create history for hundreds of years for our business. We like to focus on all future events, as well as aspects to monetize them in the nearest possible way. Our management team is focused towards:

  • Analyzing Risks
  • Integrating Business Units
  • Reducing Costs
  • Up streaming Efficiency

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