Our Products

With head offices next to the oil capital of the world, Royal Coast Petroleum offers all petroleum-related products. Based in Dubai and founded in 2006 as a general trader, Royal Coast Petroleum has extended its services to petroleum trading and now delivers a variety of materials which can be derived from crude oil. Although energy carriers make up the largest share of our products, we can also offer other chemicals which are used to make plastics and similarly useful materials. As well as various grades of gasoline, jet fuel, diesel fuel, fuel oils like kerosene and heating oil, we deal with other products including asphalt tar, white oil, base oil, glycerin, clean condensates, naphtha, paraffin wax and lubricating oils such as petroleum jelly.

Due to the properties of petroleum, our products even incorporate carbon in the form of petroleum coke, elemental sulphur and hydrogen, which can be used as a transitional product for other oil refinery processes such as hydrodesulphurization and hydrogen catalytic cracking (hydrocracking).

With our understanding of the composition of crude oil and our expertise in the petroleum industry, we pride ourselves on being able to offer all types of petroleum products.

Our Services

Since Royal Coast Petroleum began operations in 2006, we have been involved in general trading. Now, from our headquarters in Dubai, we have expanded our business into petroleum trading. Our petroleum services are available to every sector and encompass a wide range of areas, from petrol and diesel fuels to aviation fuel, ethane, kerosene, lubricants and many more.
Royal Coast Petroleum is committed to ensuring that our customers get the best products at the best prices while we provide a world-class service that continually ensures customer satisfaction.
As a dynamic company, we are perfectly situated in one of the most oil-rich regions in the world, where we have direct entrance to markets and can take advantage of the best bulk prices so that we can pass the cost benefits on to our customers. Today, more companies are turning to Dubai and Royal Coast Petroleum for their petroleum services, due to the emirate’s booming economy and ease of access as a global transportation hub. Dubai produces between 50,000 and 70,000 barrels of oil a day, as well as having enormous amounts of offshore gas.

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