With some of the top notch people on board, RCP covers a wide array of investors from all across the nations and platforms. The company was founded in 2006 and headquartered in Dubai. Royal Coast Petroleum has expanded itself into some of the most elite class profitable ventures of goods and services. The expert panel of the company covers some of the globally renowned key people who have been a part of some of the world’s most profitable business ventures.  Warming up their interest, RCP offers a varied portfolio of businesses for capital investment.  It depends on the investors and which vertical they would like to choose for investments. There are many to choose from and they can pick anyone easily so that they can invest capital in them and become a shareholder.

The investors at RCP understand the operational level problems being faced by the business in day to day situations and tries to overcome all of them. They understand the boom and bust cycles of the business graph and are well aware of the peak of the profit and turf of the loss. The business experience of the investors at RCP is vivid and fine-tuned as per the granularities of the business. The extensive research based data and experience across the multiple platforms makes the team of investors a rich resource. It’s not only money which they are funding for the various initiatives, however, they also like to bring ideas to the table. This helps the entire group be actively connected with some of the best business ideas. Email Us on


I myself have been associated with the company from last couple of years. I feel elated to do business with RCP global. The management team with the company is truly magnificent. They know how to get the job done in the best possible way. My overall experience with the company has been superb and I would like to recommend it to all. In the present scenario it is very difficult to find a company which is reliable and quality assured however RCP proved themselves every time. They managed to fulfill every business aspect every time.
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RCP global is one of the best companies I may have ever come across. Doing business with them is just like a cake walk. RCP has a wide spread name in the business world. I had a good time dealing with them personally. All of my orders were dealt quite professionally were delivered right on time. I faced problem in placing an order or getting them completed. All the transactions were smoothly made. I would like to recommend this company for all the similar business related queries and problems.
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RCP global has proved its worth every time. They always dealt my requirements quite professionally. I approached them with an order to be followed which was actively handled by them. They always dealt every business order with highest rank of professionalism. I never faced any issues in dealing with them for any kind of business problem. All my queries were dealt immediately by their team.
RCP’s management is known for their fair policy behind work. They have managed to crack every nail effectively. The best part about them is that they are available round the clock for any kind of business query. Any problem anywhere can be immediately discussed and be resolved. I have recommended this company to many other business owners for similar kind of needs. I always wanted to find a company which can deal with all of my bulk orders and can fulfill them in a single order. Thanks to RCP that they been able to do it swiftly. No matter what is the business requirement I never faced any issues in terms of the supply or the price.
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I started doing business with them couple of years back and since then I haven’t looked anywhere else. I have enjoyed my business experience with them. Thanks to the team that they been able to handle all my business needs so precisely. I never had any issues with them and even if I had bit of confusion their team was always there to look at the grey areas and correct it immediately. The overall experience has always been satisfactory.
My highest respect or their management, they do it so well that none of the time I faced even the slightest of the issue in any regards. There are some highly resourceful people working with the company who are aimed towards building the brand high and higher than before. Any person who is looking to find a trustable business partner should consult them. They have a large division of business and are globally serving some of the most exquisite brands.
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