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    Benefits With Us

    RCP offers a wide spectrum of opportunities to all its employees, ensuring their full-fledged growth towards the future. RCP covers all the benefits which an employer should ideally cover for their employees. Apart from the health and medical claim, several other benefits like insurance, workmen’s compensation, retirement benefits, house rent allowance, bonus, festival incentives, paid holidays, paid maternity and paternity leaves, etc. are also given to the employees.

    All these benefits are offered to all the employees who are working for the RCP group.  The idea is to make the family grow bigger and better than before. All employees at RCP are fairly treated and offered the same benefits which any other junior or senior employee will be offered. The company is fair when it comes to guiding and treating every employee as an individual asset for the company. RCP understands its responsibility towards every employee and successfully fulfills all of them.


    Things we believe in

    Lunch & Learns

    We are intellectually curious and our Lunch & Learns provides us with great opportunities to learn new things from guest speakers and share our own knowledge.

    Leadership Development

    We value our people and their personal and professional goals, and offer development for leaders.


    We believe that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. We offer reduced fee gym memberships, gym classes, basketball leagues and other ways for our staff to stay active and healthy.