Founded in 2006 as a general trader company, Royal Coast Petroleum, LLC (RCP) has since expanded its products and services, and now deals in petroleum (Oil & Gas) trading too. Based in Dubai – Emirate next to Abu Dhabi the oil capital of the world – it is at the centre of the petroleum industry and with a chairman who studied at the University of Egypt, Royal Coast Petroleum is run by industry experts who pride themselves on being able to offer the best quality products and services possible.Its chairman, H.H. Shaikh Abdullah R. Al Sharqi is a member of the Ruling Family of Fujairah manages various successful companies, including construction, roads and bridges, general trading and petroleum services, drilling wells of water and well petroleum services which serve countries in the Middle East.

The petroleum industry in UAE is a flourishing business. One of the main reasons for this is the country’s multiple investors and its numerous oil-rich sources. Moreover, the UAE government aids in managing the investment risks, which gives it an edge over other oil-producing nations.

Royal Coast Petroleum ventured into petroleum trading to expand its market and earn more profit. However, the oil business requires more than just a good marketing plan and strategy. Partners play a vital role in a company’s goals — both short-and long-term. Oil industry partnerships offer more than just capital to an oil company. The firm’s experienced and knowledgeable partners offer valuable market information necessary for profit-making investments. The partners gain by earning handsome returns while the shareholders see an increase in their stock prices.

 Royal Coast Petroleum is well-versed in trading in several sectors since it was once a general trading company. Its handling of oil products and other oil related services makes it a reputable petroleum company within its short business span. Royal Coast Petroleum is becoming a hub for marketing petroleum and its allied products in Dubai. The company conducts its businesses in awareness of the potential that the petroleum industry bears as a long-term human capital contribution and an avenue for investment.